Measuring acceleration & inclination

Suitable for monitoring tasks and predictive maintenance of systems, acceleration sensors from Micro-Epsilon reliably and precisely measure accelerations of sensitive plant components.
Excellent angular accuracy and resolution make the inclination sensors from Micro-Epsilon ideally suitable for precise measurements in laboratory and industry.

Alignment of solar panels

Aligning solar panels in relation to the course of the sun increases the energy yield, and therefore the effectiveness of a solar panel. Only if the solar panels are always at an optimum angle to the sun, ...

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Position monitoring when anchoring a tripod

In offshore wind turbines, tripods act as the foundation. INC5701 inclination sensors are used to monitor the alignment during the assembly process.

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Monitoring the tower oscillation

Wind turbines are exposed to oscillations and shock loads. In order to avoid damage and expensive downtime, these tower oscillations are monitored. When exceeding limit values, the plant is reliably shut ...

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Reduced risk of tipping with loading wagons

In order to increase the safety of loading wagons, automatic braking systems are used. The brakes are activated if the lateral acceleration of a loading wagon becomes too high due to high speeds and tight ...

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Measurement of track position errors

In rail transport, the new construction and reconstruction of track sections is subject to ever increasing requirements. A faultless track geometry is essential, especially for high-speed lines. In ...

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Measurement of the torsional stiffness of motor axles

A decisive factor for the service life and reliability of an engine is the torsional strength of the engine axle. In order to determine the torsional resistance, INC5701 inclination sensors detect the ...

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Positioning of suction pipes for suction dredgers

Suction dredgers are seagoing vessels that collect sand and silt from the seabed in order to transport it over long distances. They are used for the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways ...

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Monitoring the vertical alignment of high-bay racks

Fully automated high-bay warehouses often take on enormous dimensions. Lengths of around 80 m and heights of around 50 m can be achieved. Precise alignment of the racks is crucial for the fully automatic ...

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