Non-contact inspection of rivet bore holes

In aircraft construction, several hundred thousand rivets are usually used. Fully automatic machines are precisely fitting rivet holes and rivets. An optical inspection system from Micro-Epsilon inspects the inside diameter of the rivet holes without contact.

Brake temperature measurement

Before an airplane can start, the temperature in the brakes must be below a certain limit. To determine the temperature, non-contact temperature sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used in the landing gear.

Door lock detection

Before an aircraft starts, the doors are locked centrally. In order to determine the status of the locking, inductive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. These detect the end position directly on the door lock.

Reliable position recognition of the Wing-Tip-Brake

The so-called Wing Tip Brake sits on the shaft in the outer wing area. It avoids uneven extension of slats and flaps and uncontrolled movements of the buoyancy aids by external influences. Inductive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon detect the position of the brake shoes.

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Application "Aerodynamics of aircraft" (PDF, 122 KB)

Load tests on aeroplane wings

In order to optimise the behaviour of wings during a flight, the wings are already subjected to vibration tests during the construction. 120 wireSENSOR draw-wire sensors are connected to the wing and synchronised. In this way, any change of the wing form in the vertical direction can be tracked.

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