Высокоточный интерферометр для бесконтактного измерения расстояния и толщины

interferoMETER IMS5400-DS

Инновационные интерферометры белого света от Micro-Epsilon стали эталоном в высокоточных измерениях расстояний и толщин. Эти датчики обеспечивают стабильные результаты измерений с субнанометровым разрешением ...

  • Absolute distance measurement with nanometer accuracy
  • Distance-independent thickness measurements
  • Best-in-Class: Resolution < 30 picometers (IMS5600-DS)
  • High signal stability due to new evaluation algorithms and active temperature compensation
  • Large offset distance
  • Simple parameter set up via web interface
  • Industry optimized sensors with robust metal housing and flexible cables
  • Sensors and cables suitable for vacuum

Interferometer for industry and automation

The industrial white light interferometer consists of a robust sensor, a highly flexible sensor cable and a controller in an aluminum housing that can be mounted on a DIN rail. The controller has an active temperature control, which compensates for changes in the ambient temperature and thus achieves an enormous temperature stability. Thanks to its robust design, the interferometer can also be integrated in industrial environments. Cable lengths up to 10 m also allow a spatial separation of sensor and controller. For measurement tasks in clean rooms and in vacuum, vacuum-suitable sensors, cables and cable feed-through accessories are available.

Extreme z resolution and small light spot enable measurements of smallest of details and structures

The interferometer sensors enable a sub-nanometer resolution. In addition, they generate a 10 µm light spot over the entire measuring range. This allows the measurement of small details such as structures on semiconductors and miniaturized electronic components. The light spot is visualized by a pilot laser and facilitates the alignment of the sensor.

Patented pilot laser for easy sensor positioning

White light interferometers use infrared light in the non-visible range (approx. 840 nm wavelength), which means that the measurement position cannot be seen. To visualize the measuring position, Micro-Epsilon systems are equipped with a pilot laser which projects a light spot onto the measuring position. In addition, the pilot laser uses a patented method to provide feedback on the distance in addition to the measurement position. If the measuring object is at the correct distance and within the measuring range, a constant glow is emitted by the pilot laser. If the measuring object is outside the measuring range, the pilot laser flashes.

Adjustable mounting adapter for sensor alignment

To achieve maximum accuracy, the confocal sensors must be aligned as perpendicular as possible to the measuring object. The adjustable mounting adapter is used to optimally align all confocalDT sensors to the target. You can also align the sensor after the installation in the machine. The industrial adapter allows the displacement in the x- and y-axes as well as tilting the sensor to the measuring object.

Ease of use via web interface

Due to a user-friendly web interface, no additional software is necessary to configure the controller and the sensors. The web interface is accessible via Ethernet connection and enables quick and easy setting of, e.g., averaging, measuring rate and presets.

Modern interfaces for integration into machines and systems

The controller offers integrated interfaces such as Ethernet, EtherCAT and RS422 as well as additional encoder connections, analog outputs, synchronization inputs and digital I/Os. When you use Micro-Epsilon's interface modules, PROFINET and EthernetIP are available. This allows the interferometer to be integrated into all control systems and production programs.

Analog RS422 Ethernet Ethercat Profinet EthernetIP
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