optoNCDT 1900: Next-generation laser sensors


optoNCDT 1900-это усовершенствованный лазерный датчик перемещения, который впечатляет своей интеллектуальной обработкой сигналов и контролем экспозиции. Обе инновационные функции обеспечивают высочайшую стабильность сигнала и чрезвычайно точные результаты измерений, которые выводятся c частотой до 10 кГц.

Advanced Surface Compensation

With demanding surfaces that present changing reflections or are placed in an environment with ambient light interference, the Advanced Surface Compensation rapidly adapts the exposure to the respective surface properties. Furthermore, new algorithms compensate for ambient light up to 50,000 Lux.

Smart signal optimization

Edges and steps can be measured to the highest accuracy as the two-step averaging of measurement values enables a smooth signal. In particular with dynamic processes, the advantages of this powerful averaging feature become obvious.

Installation via fitting sleeves for more precision

The innovative mounting concept based on fitting sleeves allows the sensors to be aligned correctly. This offers both highest precision when aligning the laser and the option to replace the sensor easily.


  • High measuring rate up to 10 kHz
  • Advanced Surface Compensation for intelligent exposure control
  • Measurement averaging for maximum signal stability
  • Easy and precise mounting via fitting sleeves
  • Compact design with integrated electronics for restricted spaces
  • Analog and digital outputs

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